Court Records Retrieval Service

Notary & Apostille Service can assist you in getting a certified copy for any New York City  or any county court record such as  Divorce Certificate, Divorce Decree, Stipulation of Settlement, & Judgment of Divorce, or Criminal case record.  

Notary & Apostille Service can assist  you in getting court records for:

  • Divorce Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Family Court
  • Stipulation of Settlement
  • Judgment of Divorce
  • Criminal case files
  • Any Private or Public Domain court record

If you are out of state or just don't have the time to do it let Notary & Apostille Service assist you in getting these records for you.  You must have the correct information to start the process, otherwise the process takes much longer because now the court records must be searched through for this information.

You need to have the name of the defendant, the plaintiff name, the index number & the court where the proceeding were held (i.e. Manhattan Supreme Court).

Waiting on a long line can only be frustration if you get the incorrect form or you're missing something and you have to return.

Notary & Apostille Service can eliminate this frustration for you.  Once Notary & Apostille Service retrieves your court record we can also get your certificate Apostille or Apostilla if needed.

Documents can be fax only well payments has been received. Originals will be mailed according to your payment for postage.

Call for more information on what is required for Notary & Apostille Service to retrieve your court record.