We're looking to use the services of Independent translators to assist our clients in getting their document translated. Translators will not be working directly for Notary & Apostille, Inc. but will be considered an Independent Contractor. See the Independent Contractor form for additional information & requirements.

We need translators who can translate the following languages; Many of the request we receive is to translate into English from another language. This is not a complete list of languages we need translated. 

So, if the language in your area of expertise is not specified, please continue reading and submit the required forms indicated below. You will be contacted if there is a need for your service.

Arabic <-> English
Chinese <-> English
Dutch <-> English
French <-> English
German <-> English
Greek <-> English
Hebrew <-> English
Hindi <-> English
Italian <-> English
Japanese <-> English
Korean <-> English
Norwegian <-> English
Polish <-> English
Portuguese <-> English
Russian <-> English
Swedish <-> English
Thai <-> English
Turkish <-> English



  1. We're looking for local people (New York City, Long Island), someone who we can meet to notarize & fill out a translators certification.
  2. You must be able to Fill out & sign our Independent Contractor form, Non Disclosure Agreement, & W9 form (see below). Under U.S. federal tax law, we are required to request taxpayer information from persons receiving funds from our company. In order to fulfill this requirement we must receive your completed W-9 Form, as applicable, declaring your tax status.
  3. You must be proficent in your language and be able to translate without using any of those free or paid translation websites or software or any machine translation (e.g. google translate, babylon online translation, etc).
  4. Correct any errors/mistakes or other problem if found, in a timely manner.
  5. Provide a Notarized (preferable by a New York Notary Public) Translators Affidavit on your completed work & submit completed work by email for verification of work & upon approval, send originals by US Postal mail if you are not local to us.
  6. Receive payment by company check, Paypal or ACH for payment by mail or hand delivery by Notary & Apostille Service, Inc.
  7. You must be able to receive communications from us via telephone & or email and respond in a timely manner.
  8.  If you dont accept our payment plan you must send us your general price guide for your services (e.g. cost per page, cost per word), so I may give an accurate  estimate to my clients.

To Apply:  All Independent Contractors must fill out the below listed forrms & return.

Here are the file you will need to download. Please completed and return.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
IRS W9 Form
Independent Contractor Agreement

Pay: See Independent Contractor Agreement for price list) (e.g., I can offer you $0.03 per word for Professional Translation $0.10 per word for industries & organizations. $25 to $30 per page for Academic, Legal & Personal  Documents. Certified Translations $27 per page.)

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