How can I get an Apostille Fast?

Three Quick Steps to get an Apostille Fast

In a RUSH to get an APOSTILLE FAST; here are 3 step to get one QUICKLY

Step 1
  • Fill out the Order Form with your contact & payment information
Step 2
  • Put all of your document in a FEDEX, UPS, or USPS Express envelope along with the above Order form.
Step 3
  • Send all of the above documents to:
Notary & Apostille Service, Inc.
409 44th St
Copiague, NY 11726-1009, USA

Vacation Announcement!

Just like the reset of the world, we're closed from time to time to take a much needed vacation, so please call to find out if we're on vacation or taking off a If we're on vacation, we'll give you an alternate telephone & address to send your document to. Since, this is one of our work associates their price may not be the same as ours.

Many countries have agreed to follow the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents and will accept the Apostille for the Legalization of documents going to & from other contracting states. However, Notary & Apostille Service can only provide support for an Apostille of birth certificates, death certificates, educational records and other documents originating or created in the United States or signed my a US Notary Public, US Embassy Officer in a foreign country or any Public official whose signature can be authenticated by a US Secretary of State, County Clerk or the approving custodian for that document.
Have your document Apostille, Certification or Legalized document returned to you the Same-day it is process by Notary & Apostille Service, unless you ordered a unless you placed a order for something else.
Please note: Normally an Original copy of documents such as marriage, death or birth certificates, passports, diploma is required to be apostille, however, if the authorities where the document is going will accept a copied document of the original document, then it can be Apostille within 24 hours.
Notary & Apostille Service can only support birth certificates, death certificates, educational records and other documents originating or created in the United States. If your document originated from or was created in a foreign country, you will have to contact an authorized service in that country in order to get your document Legalized. The Apostille issued in the United States is for use in other countries or if requested by an embassy or consulate.

Notary & Apostille Service can do everything from start to finish to assist you in getting your document Legalized for an Apostile or Embassy Legalization!

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